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Chef Ian Petersen

Chef Ian

Welcome to IanChef.

My goal is to offer you unique culinary experiences.Wether you are planning a gourmet evening with your friends, all your special events, wherever and whenever. We have served all over Europe.If you would like to learn some of our secrets, then cooking and grilling courses are the thing for you; they are the best recipe for a fun filled evening!!

Chef – Ian Petersen



Monday – Thursday: 10:30 am – 2 pm


Friday – Saturday: 6pm – 9pm


Sunday: 6pm – 8pm

These are sample menus to give you an idea of what you get when you book me. All menus can be modified to accommodate personal preferences and occasions.


Pan fried trout al´inverno

Served on a bed of silky cauliflower – truffle purée with caviar jewels, tomato confite, sautéed green cabbage and a carrot – cumin emulsion.

Duck thigh confite and herbs

Served with glazed carrots, beet roots, pickled onions, fresh herb salad and hibiscus sauce.

Pannacotta tricolor

A sexy 3 layered Pannacotta made from dark chocolate, strawberries and white chocolate.
800 NOK Per Head



"Oriental inspiration” Salad

Fresh mixed salad, curry & beet root cured halibut, wasabi mayonnaise and sprouts.

Beef Saltimbocca

Served with lentil cassoulet, fragrant citrus crumbs and red wine sauce.

Cheese duet

Taleggio and pecorino with pears, fresh herbs and caramelized walnuts.

Sinful chocolate cake

With white chocolate ganache, crumble, glazed cherries and white balsamic ice cream.
1200 NOK Per Head



Halibut consommé

Served with steamed halibut, sweet potato dumpling and fresh watercress.

Glazed quail duet

Pan fried quails breast and braised quail thigh on salad and pickled mushrooms.

Deer filet “Wellington”

Served with sautéed spinach, baked garlic and red wine – raspberry sauce.


Wrapped in parma ham, served with fresh herbs in truffle oil, balsamic glaze and semidried fruits.

Blueberry cheesecake

Served with walnut – caramel ice cream & chilled blueberry soup.
1600 NOK Per Head



Gina Pinot Noir


Black cherry notes, light bodied

Guilty Pleasure Merlot


Medium to full bodied, premium taste

Classic California


You know it's good, just order it

Flawless Pinot Grigo


Fresh, medium bodied

Sauvignon Blanc


The perfect medium bodied white



Chardonnay with a little twist

Pacific Heights


A fun light tasty addition

Friday night out


Medium - full bodied mix

The Gavel


Earthy flavorsome notes

Petit Verdot


Once you try it, you'll never want anything else

Shiraz Dom


The drink to end your dinner with

Nectar's Choice


Ask your server for more details

The Press

“You've given me the nicest birthday present ever. Everything was good in taste, a delight for the eye, served as a big luxury. And all this I could share in the company of my best friends. Thanks!”

Joshoua CostaGenzano di Roma, Italy

“We got a fantastically good and elegantly plated 3 course dinner. Those who were more interested in the cooking arts got a clear and lively answer to whatever question they might have regarding the meal.
Ian is a likable, friendly and talented guy that I am happy to have met. We give him our highest recommendation to all those who appreciate good culinary experiences.”

Arild IversenCEO, Engineerservice East AS, Sem, Norway

“The food is marvelous. And he is still so young. Imagine him in 20 years! He's a real ssssjef J (chef); I'm just a BBQ cook.”

John de BiasiRome, Italy

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